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The Best Way to Add Ratings and User Comments to your Site
Add Ranking and Reviewing Modules to your site in Two Easy Steps

What is Add Reviews?

Add Reviews is a remotely hosted review service that allows to easily add Customer Reviews Module to your website. Easy to install, easy to use, and highly customizable, it will satisfy most demanding website owners. No programming knowledge required!

Why Add Reviews is a better service?

  • Select your own rating images (stars, emoticons,suns, ...)
  • Avoid multiple ranking submissions from the same user (IP filtering)
  • Flexible width of the comment box
  • Password protected admin system
  • No database required
  • Easy comment deletion
  • Based on Ajax and Javascript
  • Ranking in both PHP and ASP versions
  • Place multiple rankings on the same page
  • No need to reload the page when ranking
  • Works on most modern browsers
  • Notification emails when new comments are posted

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Compatible with OS X and Windows Vista. Try our other Dreamweaver add-ons!