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How does it work?

AddReviews offers a simple, practical and efficient way to insert comments, or reviews, in a website. It also permits to insert comment system in several websites and manage them all from a unique interface.

Visual presentation of comments is highly flexible. The users can select different features and presentation for comments and reviews in each website where these are inserted: this way the system never interferes with your website's design. The users can define the font of comments, font size, color, background color, and more.

AddReviews allows to increase the comments' value associating a rating number with reviews and comments. The users can filter the comments by relevance, most recent first or oldest first. For example, if comments are filtered by relevance, those with highest ratings will appear first.

AddReviews allows to receive updates on published comments by subscribing to an RSS channel, exclusively broadcasting comments associated to a specific webpage.

AddReviews clients can choose whether or not to moderate their comments. If moderation mode is selected, then all new comments must be approved by you before they get published. This allows to address the issue of irrelevant comments. You can also choose to receive an email each time a new comment is inserted in your website.

If one day you decide to stop using AddReviews, one of our handy features is that you can export all existing comments - which always remain your property - in a friendly format and use it as you find convenient.

To start using AddReviews is very simple:

  1. Register as user on AddReviews. To Register, just visit the following page: /TE_CommentSystem/admin/index.php?layout=signout , fill in your information and activate your new account by clicking on the confirmation link which will be sent to your email address.
    Register on AddReviews
  2. Choose one of the subscription packages in case the Free Package is not sufficient for your needs. Please visit Billing section.
    Select your package
  3. Set the system up - functionally and visually. At this point you will establish how your comments will be represented on your website, as well as the appearance of the comment capture form. Visit the Domains section.
    Set the system up
  4. Get the necessary code to insert AddReviews into your website. For that, you need to select the parogramming language used on the site (if in doubt, or in absence of a programming language used, select Javascripts). Option "Integrate with the website"in the Domain section.
    Get the code
  5. Paste the code in the pages of your website where you wish to insert comments or reviews.

  6. All the inserted comments - from any of your websites - can be managed in the Comments section in AddReviews.
    Paste the code